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Who is Image Gallery?

Image Gallery is a Kiwi owned and operated company that has been in the card and gift business for over thirty years. Based in Auckland with around sixty full-time staff, including ten Area Manager and over eighty merchandisers, we supply greeting cards and associated products, as well as stationery and giftware, through book stores and gift stores.

Our product is sourced from over fifty publishers and manufacturers from England, Europe, USA, New Zealand and Australia, giving a wide and varied mix.

Image Gallery as your greeting card supplier?


Our Goal?  To provide an Awesome customer experience!

One of our favourite (and best selling) cards from Icon Publishing in the UK.

Why would Image Gallery be the right choice for your greeting cards?
  1. An Image Gallery selection of cards, managed well, will increase your sales
  2. Our customers find us professional but easy to work with
  3. By creating a selection that is more in tune with your target customer, you will achieve both a higher conversion rate and increase market share in your area.

This improved selection is created by:

The strength of Hallmark's top selling caption range, combined with the top selling lifestyle ranges of most of the best independent publishers from the USA, UK and Australia, means that Image Gallery has one of the best ranges of cards, under one roof, anywhere in the world.
We source from over fifty publishers and create our “best-of” range from them. Our cards are predominately suited for the mid and upwards demographics. Some of the publishers Image Gallery represent include:
  • Hallmark
  • Paperlink
  • Simson Cards Australia
  • Paper Rose
  • Nigel Quiney
  • Simon Elvin
  • Pigment
  • Think of Me Designs
  • and many more!

Having a breadth of supply means we can supply a full range of product, from cutting edge design to traditional and everything in between. This creates a strong purchase option across a wide range of demographics.


With cards from $2 through to $14.99, a bargain shopper can be accommodated while still allowing premium sales. One key method of increasing sales in mid to upper demographics is to subtly increase the higher price point cards, without decreasing volume.


Through Hallmark Cards Australia come key licences like Disney, Warner Bros, Marvel, All Blacks and many others.


With over fifty new card ranges a year, you will always have something new on your shelves. This is is very important for customers who visit your store frequently, and cements you as their number one destination for greeting cards.


Having a different and superior product offering from your competitors gives you a competitive advantage. Strengthening the product range also secures more market share.

The majority of Image Gallery cards are cello-wrapped. This creates a tidier display where envelopes stay with the card, and practically eliminates shop soiling and product damage.

  • We cover all seasons with a wide mix of styles and designs
  • Very strong boxed Christmas cards range along with bags etc
  • All seasonal counter cards are sale or return.
  • Plans created using Card Manager Software.
  • Pockets can be allocated to other suppliers on a percentage mix or individually, to cater to caption strength. Supplier model lines are loaded, to only allocate pockets that a supplier can provide
  • Plans and caption mix allocations will be created with your collaboration (if you wish it) and are customised for you and your area
  • It is Image Gallery’s belief that certain, more obscure, captions should not be included at all as they do not generate sufficient revenue to justify inclusion, but the decision will be yours.

  • Image Gallery uses Card Manager. This leading industry software manages plans and produces re-order tickets that will replenish the best-selling design available for that pocket or caption
  • Our sales analysis provides detailed information on exactly what is selling and, more importantly, what is not selling. Managing poor sellers can be one of the easiest methods to provide large stock-turn improvements
  • Our sales team use iPads loaded with the Opmetrix and Card Manager Remote Sales Apps, which ensure items ordered are in stock and that the rapid relay of orders and pocket design changes on-the-fly in store.

  • Through our regional Area Managers and Merchandisers we can supply top levels of customer support and merchandising to all parts of the country, including re-stocking, tidying, display and re-ordering
  • We are based in Auckland and can supply nationwide quickly, unlike the delayed service from Australia
  • Image Gallery is a family owned business that is small enough to be flexible, but large enough to get the job done.
  • The best range of gift bags, flat wrap, roll-wrap and ribbon in New Zealand
  • Extensive range of designer stationery, gift lines and novelties.

Important to note in your choice of card company

  • Does the company have the best cards available in the market to maximize your sales and profit?
  • How flexible are companies to change out slow stock?
  • What size are the cards? How will that look?
  • Are cards cello wrapped?
  • How flexible are they to change the grid?
  • What is the lead-time to get stock from where it comes from?
  • How are service levels?
  • Do you want to buy from a New Zealand owned and operated business or an American company based out of Australia?
  • How long will a contract be for? What can you do if you are unhappy during that time?



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